TradeMalta releases results of a study on internationalisation of the Training and Education sector in Malta

Sep 17, 2016

This study was undertaken as part of a series of studies of sectors deemed to hold particular promise for export and internationalisation. The aim is to provide insights into the profile of the internationally oriented companies within the sector as well as the geographical orientation of these companies.

Some of the main findings of the study are:

This is a relatively young sector, with 80% of the companies surveyed being in business for less than 35 years.

The majority of the companies are SMEs, with a turnover of less than € 500,000 per annum.

85% of the companies surveyed had 100% Maltese ownership, pointing to a sector which is largely “homegrown”.

The outlook for the sector is good, with half of the companies expecting a growth in the number of employees and the other half expecting to retain the same workforce.

Nearly half the companies also expect growth in their exports in the coming year.

Italy and Russia are the most popular target markets for exporters in the sector and France is the country identified by most as an upcoming market. Both Germany and Brazil are popular and promising markets.

“Quality of Courses and Training Programmes” is the most important success factor for companies in the sector, followed by “Price Competitiveness”. Other success factors specific to the industry are “Supporting Services” (lodging, location etc.) and “Internationally Recognised Accreditation”.

The greatest barrier to internationalisation is said to be “Cost of Market Visits and Trade Fair Participation”, closely followed by “Problems in Obtaining Visas for Students”.
This is the third in a series of studies which TradeMalta is conducting in a number of focus sectors.

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